An extraordinary place

It is located in the Maritime District of the city of Tarragona, inside the Marina, a few meters from the Yacht Club. Its location in front of the Mediterranean Sea and the boats makes Natàlia Ferré’s Studio an extraordinary place to generate creativity.

It is there where Natàlia develops all her work: ceramics, sculptures, paintings, molds, resins and, since recently, where she also teaches courses of sculptural modeling, face and figure, using refractory earth.Traducción

Contemporary sculpture

For her ceramic sculptures, Natàlia Ferré uses different refractory pastes, stoneware and porcelain, and porcelain, producing mainly unique pieces. This diversity adds quality to the final result of the work. In the covering of each piece he uses different earths, oxides, colorants and engobes, as well as transfers, stampings and, accidentally, high temperature glazes.

The firings are carried out in high-temperature electric kilns, usually firing each sculpture or ceramic twice, the first time at 800ºC and the second at 1,200ºC. In extraordinary cases, a third firing is also carried out. In extraordinary cases, he even carries out a third firing.

During the more sculptural work, he models each piece and obtains its mold, usually made of plaster or silicone. These molds allow him to produce the original works, using ceramic, bronze or resin. These works are conceived as unique pieces or as part of small series, which do not exceed 8 pieces, and are also considered original.

Figurative and abstract pictorial work

From Natàlia Ferré’s pictorial work we must highlight the figurative painting, which follows her creative line, and the abstract paintings. The materials she uses are acrylic and oil paints, resins and different sculptural pastes, which she applies on canvas and other supports, such as wood or plastic. The result of his pictorial works is a surprising, elegant and high quality artistic work.

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You will be able to observe a model and reproduce it in great detail, modeling and firing a unique ceramic piece.