Course on modelling a torso with a plate

Course objectives

This course will focus on building a three-dimensional figure, working with refractory earth plates.

The process of building these pieces is very different from the process we are used to for creating classic solid sculptures. What we will be doing is moulding in a vacuum, from plates that we will make with a laminator.

It is a different and very interesting way of working that allows us to make lighter pieces, with an infinite number of shapes and that do not require casting.

Once the moulding is finished, we will leave the sculpture for two weeks to dry for subsequent firing in an electric ceramic kiln.

Completed the course:

  • You will know how to choose the right materials and tools for modeling.
  • You will be able to make the right size plates for your sculpture.
  • You will know the proportions of a human torso, being able to build proportionate portraits, correct both formally and gesturally.
  • You will obtain realistic finishes.
Course fee



10 hours

2024 classes

Coming soon

Once you purchase it, we will contact you to confirm your preferred date.

The October and November classes correspond to two different editions of the course.


On the first day we will begin by explaining the type of earth we will be working with, the machinery and tools we will have and the steps to follow to build the figure.

Once we have the necessary space with the wooden base, we will proceed to build the torso in three dimensions.

The second day of the course will be devoted entirely to working on the finishes to make them as realistic as possible.

Other details of interest

  • The course will be held at Natàlia Ferré’s Studio, located inside the Tarragona Marina, and will last 10 hours.
  • A maximum of 8 people will be able to register, a number that guarantees 100% personalized attention from the teacher.
  • It is not necessary to have previous sculptural notions, as each process will be explained step by step, from start to finish.
  • The registration fee includes all materials and the firing with an electric kiln at 1000ºC.

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