It has been eight years since Natalia’s first exhibition at the Associació de Ceramistes de Cataluña, in Barcelona. On that occasion it was a collection of ceramic sculptures about women in the 1920s.

“I am passionate about the aesthetics and themes of those years, a time when women had the opportunity to leave the kitchen and become independent.”

The idea for this exhibition, Rostres, was born during the time of the pandemic, a terrible time for most of us. However, we can always find positive aspects.

“My light was the possibility to work without haste and to be able to think about which path to take to follow my artistic career”.

From the seeds of a realistic portrait course done in Mölndal, Sweden, came the need to develop a series of faces, which are precisely the basis of this exhibition. And since things never come alone, thanks to a commission for a pair of life-size bronze sculptures in Salou, she was introduced to the world of silicone molds and small and large format counter-molds.

“I discovered the infinite possibilities with both originals and final copies. I could work with cement, resins, fibers, etc… Simply wonderful”.

Natàlia has always expressed that “modeling is the basis of my work, what stimulates me the most”, and therefore this was an open door to her creativity. The result is 15 sculptures created during the last three years, exhibited in an ideal place to enjoy those looks and bits of life.

“I want to follow this path and experiment with these materials to create my characters, with modeling always being the basis of everything. I believe that these works can be visually enriched, add quality and have more power in the final finish if a balance is found between the different materials used to build them”.